EU livestock is worth around €159bn and the bill was created to help Europe tackle disease

Animal health law welcomed

By Oscar Rousseau

The Council of the European Union (EU) formally adopted the Animal Health Law – in statute known as the Regulation on Transmissible Animal Diseases – after a second reading of the bill on 8 March 2016.

Pork prices are expected to remain low in 2016, says AHDB Pork

Pork price lowest in eight years

By Oscar Rousseau

The falling price of pork experienced by key exporters from around the world has meant the average price of pork continued to fall in 2015, according to a market report from UK pork levy body AHDB Pork.

Novitool Aero's integral ventilation system cools the belt quickly after welding

IFFA: Say hola to the Novitool Amigo

By Oscar Rousseau

Flexco, a US manufacturer of conveyor belts for the food processing industry, is to present an assembly line of meat processing equipment at IFFA 2016. 

US pork exports tipped to rise as new markets, like South Africa, open for trade

Tough year for US pork ends on a high

By Oscar Rousseau

Despite struggling for most of the year, exports of US pork ended a testing year on a good note trade growing by 3% in December, according to Pork Checkoff. 

Offal imports to Africa increased after a trade visit from AHDB Beef & Lamb

UK offal exports on the rise

By Oscar Rousseau

UK levy board AHDB Beef & Lamb has said its strategy to shift from exporting carcases to offal has been rewarded, as global trade of the latter rose by 8% last year.

The EU has been urged to ban Brazilian horsemeat exports over food safety fears

EU silent on Brazil horsemeat ban

By Oscar Rousseau

The EU has remained silent on whether it will ban Brazilian exports of horsemeat destined for Europe, following evidence of animal abuse in the supply chain. 

Kalle says the introduction of value-added casing will reduce production costs by 20%.

Kalle brings casings innovations to IFFA

By Aaron McDonald

German-based meat casings company Kalle is to present a number of new value-added sausage casings at IFFA 2016, taking place in Frankfurt from 7-12 May. 

Dutch beef deal could pave the way for more US-EU beef trade

US ends Dutch beef trade ban

By Oscar Rousseau

America has ended a near two-decade embargo on beef imports from the Netherlands after the risk of mad cow disease was rendered “negligible” by US health officials. 

Brazil slaughtered nearly 200,000 horses in 2012, say the Food and Agriculture Organisation

EU urged to ban Brazilian horsemeat

By Oscar Rousseau

The EU has been urged to stop imports of Brazilian horsemeat after one body raised “serious concerns” over animal welfare abuse, following evidence that horses died while being transported to abattoirs.

Around 140,000 ships visit the busy shipping port of Rotterdam in Holland every year

Agro builds meat storage facility in Rotterdam

By Oscar Rousseau

Agro Merchants Group will build a temperature-controlled storage facility in Rotterdam to help meat importers and exporters stock a huge range of products at Europe’s largest shipping port. 

Uganda's government has revealed plans to crack down on meat hygiene levels

Uganda cracks down on abattoir standards

By Aaron McDonald

The government of Uganda has announced plans to implement greater enforcements on abattoirs and butchery businesses that do not practise minimum hygiene requirements, according to Uganda’s Daily Monitor.

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