Meeting the Needs of the Immune System at Each Life Stage


The human immune system undergoes significant changes as it develops, matures and declines. Its responsiveness changes with age and requires nutritional support. For example, the immune system of infants and young children consists primarily of a well-developed innate immune response and a developing adaptive immune response. Maturity brings forth a fully developed immune system, but a wide range of physical and lifestyle stresses can impact its effectiveness. Aging may reduce some immune function, lessen responsiveness and diminish overall effectiveness. Current thinking is that each stage can benefit from targeted dietary intervention. This webinar is designed to educate participants about the immune system at various stages of life, and ways to support or enhance it. Three experts in immune health and food science will discuss immune system development and nutritional support at each stage: infants & children, young to mature adults and seniors.


Don Cox Don Cox Senior Vice President Healthcare Research & Development

Hugh Lippman Hugh Lippman Principal Nutrition Scientist, Pediatric Nutrition Institute
Mead Johnson Nutrition

Roger Clemens Roger Clemens Chief Scientific Officer
The Horn Company