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X-Ray Inspection System

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X-Ray Inspection System

The Ishida IX-GA Series​ offers the highest protection available against food contamination by metal, glass, stone, bone or shell fragments. It also detects hard rubber and many types of plastic.

Its sensitivity has proven superior to that of other major X-ray detection systems. Perhaps the most unique feature of the IX-GA system is Ishida's Genetic Algorithm™ technology. This enables you to programme in even greater sensitivity to the specific contaminants which matter most to you.

With its advanced masking features, it can also be programmed to ignore metal or other artefacts that from part of the packaging, such as clips. In addition, IX-GA systems:

Are unaffected by temperature, salt and water content

Can be used to check product shape and thickness, correct number of pieces, etc.

Are available to handle a very wide range of pack sizes (height 0-220mm, width 169-400mm)

Feature simple, multi-language touch-screen operation, with quick start-up, automatic set-up and no calibration during use

Offer a wide and flexible range of data management tools

Are simple to clean, with pull-off / snap-on parts

Embody exceptional safety and security measures

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