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We are looking for the passionate

We are looking for the passionate

Blendhub | 14-Apr-2014

Are you an experienced agri-food professional? Do you have a valuable network? Can you facilitate fast feedback from food industry decision makers? We...

Emsland Group – a quality you can trust

Emsland Group – a quality you can trust

Emsland Group - Potato starch and derivatives | 25-Mar-2014

Emsland Group markets native and specialty starches, fibres, potato flakes and potato granules as well as hydrocolloids to the food industry.We offer solutions...


Fiber trends

Sensus. Inspired by inulin... | 02-Oct-2012

In response to a growing consumer awareness around healthy eating, many multinational food companies are reducing the amount of sodium, sugars and trans...


Sense the freshness

Danisco | 17-Jan-2012

Freshness is priority number one for bread-buying consumers. With DuPont™ Danisco® bakery enzymes, you can crack the freshness code. Our solutions maintain...

The next snack generation

The next snack generation

AKP | 21-Feb-2011

Ping! ... enjoy tasty, crispy, succulent snacks within minutes. This is only possible with the new Crisp Sensation coating, the product of many years of...

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