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Vegetal Nisin A & Soluble Natamycin for Food Preservation

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The innovative clear pure vegetable Nisin (called NisinA®​) and high-soluble pure Natamycin (called NatapTM​) achieved the highest level of food preservation and efficiency against spoilage bacteria and pathogens. NisinA®​ was upgraded from nisin (E234) with impure protein and high sodium chloride content and was honored with the “IFT innovation award” and “FiE award finalist”. NatapTM​ was the cutting edge improvement from natamycin (E235) with low solubility. Both innovations approved worldwide, created clean, healthier, natural antimicrobial solutions for inhibiting lactic acid bacteria, spore-formers, Listeria, S. aureus, E.coli, salmonella​, yeast and mold in food and beverages.

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