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The most accurate fixed-weight packer

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The most accurate fixed-weight packer

Setting new standards for grading and batching facilities
The ScanBatcher 4700 carries out virtually any grading or batching job - even different jobs simultaneously. With the new ScanBatcher 4700, multiproduct batching of a user-defined mix of different items to fixed weights and counts is now a reality, with accuracies previously unobtainable.

An example could be chicken with varying weights being split into 8 pieces, batched and packed on a ScanBatcher 4700 and sold in 8-piece chicken packs, all with the same pre-selected fixed weight. If consumers want a selection of 8-piece chicken packs available in three pre-selected fixed weights, for example, it is simply a case of keying this information into the ScanBatcher 4700.

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