The Power of Sensory Science: How to win in beverage occasions


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The Power of Sensory Science: How to win in beverage occasions

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Consumers have naturally occurring beverage needs throughout the day. These are satisfied through choices driven by specific sensorial and emotional cues. But as lifestyles become busier, how are these needs being affected and what can you do to respond to them? 
Join Kerry, the global leader in taste and nutrition, in partnership with MMR, a specialist consumer research agency, for this webinar where we will explore sensory science and how it can be used to win in beverage occasions. 
Drawing from recent Kerry-MMR research into soft drink consumption, we will share some key insights in the course of this webinar including: 

  • Understanding the Unsegmentables​ – learn about how growth will come from serving specific occasions, better delivered through sensory experience.
  • Occasions Decoded​ – understand how growth will come from delivering relevant sensory cues within beverages to match individual occasions and fulfil needs.
  • Fragmenting Opportunities​ – find out how growth will come from new and exciting ‘in between’ occasions.

Capturing over 25,000 beverage occasions, we’ve unearthed some powerful levers that can help activate new beverage opportunities and drive higher margins for your products.

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Susannah Croucher Susannah Croucher Senior Research Director
MMR Research Worldwide

Benedict Lawlor Benedict Lawlor Director of Sensory, Consumer and Analytical Sciences

Eadaoin McCarthy Eadaoin McCarthy Director of Market Research and Consumer Connection

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