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The Candurin® Pearl pigment range

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The Candurin® Pearl pigment range

The Candurin® Pearl pigment range is a novel way to add exciting, metallic sparkle visual effects to food and soft drinks. The products are available in a variety of mouth-watering interference colours including silver, gold, bronze, red and green and has full European legal approval.

Candurin® pearl luster pigments are a unique and innovative series based on already approved and safe mineral food colorants. The main areas of application for Candurin® pearl luster pigments are all sorts of confectionery such as jellies, hard boiled sweets and chocolate products. Outside these classical applications their use is increasingly extending to products such as beverages, pastries, breakfast cereals and condiment sauces. In food products, it is above all the eye-catching, noble and at the same time innovative colouring that appeals to consumers and sets the product apart from the mass of other products. Candurin® can be used throughout the product mass, as well as the surface coating of the product.

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