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Higher yield and recovery rates by CO2-extraction

Nateco2 GmbH & Co KG | 17-Oct-2013 | Technical / White Paper

As customers place more and more emphasis on naturalness, quality and environmentally-friendly processes, the advantages of carbon dioxide extraction technology...

Brenntag Holding

Acidulants, a practical guidelines

Brenntag Holding GmbH | 15-Oct-2013 | Technical / White Paper

Acidulants are commonly used in food formulations in order to achieve the required pH, to buffer, to influence taste and flavour, to keep colour and texture...


Take a fresh new look at your business performance

Puratos | 02-Oct-2013 | Technical / White Paper

Discover what links cake freshness and business performance. The Puratos white paper targets manufacturers who wish to capture the maximum value of the...


Arla Foods Ingredients- From acid whey to added value

Arla Foods Ingredients Group P/S | 23-Sep-2013 | Application Note

Out of ideas for tackling your acid whey problem? Arla Foods Ingredients has developed an opportunity to turn the troublesome by-product of Greek yoghurt...

Tradin Organic (Agriculture)

Key Elements of Sourcing Organic Fruit

Tradin Organic | 25-Jul-2013 | Case Study

What makes a sourcing project sustainable?Ticking off environmental benefits for flora, fauna, energy, air, water and soil is often not enough. Truly successful...


Marinol® Omega-3 for Nutrition Bars

Stepan Lipid Nutrition | 01-Jul-2013 | Technical / White Paper

Naturally-concentrated Omega-3 triglycerides in oil and powder form, make it easier to boost your consumers’ daily intake of EPA and/or DHA to optimum...


Essential Starch Knowledge from Ulrick & Short Ltd.

Information not available | 01-Jul-2013 | Research Study

Whether you are new to starch, or a seasoned professional some of the terms used in relation to starch can be ambiguous and confusing. This quick to read...


Say Yes to Clean Label

Ingredion | 24-Jun-2013 | Data Sheet

77% of Europeans say ingredient lists are important. Deliver high quality clean label products with Ingredion’s NOVATION Endura™ 0100. Highly process tolerant...

CP Kelco

CP Kelco Nature-Based Functional Ingredients

CP Kelco | 24-Jun-2013 | Technical / White Paper

Even though some food ingredients are considered “additives”, this does not mean these products are unhealthy for consumers or made of synthetic materials. ...

Multifunctionality with sucrose esters in emulsions

Multifunctionality with sucrose esters in emulsions

Sisterna B. V. | 01-Jun-2013 | Technical / White Paper

Sucrose esters of fatty acids, commonly known as sucrose esters, are a relatively new extension to the line of emulsifiers available for the European and...


Download must-read fresh thinking from Puratos!

Puratos | 01-Jun-2013 | Technical / White Paper

Cake science is allowing major progress in extending the freshness and shelf life of packed cakes. Certain manufacturers are taking full advantage of this...

Akzo Nobel Salt Specialties

Breakthrough 1-to-1 sodium reduction solution

Akzo Nobel Salt Specialties | 26-May-2013 | Data Sheet

Sodium reduction in processed meat is made easy with a new solution, developed by a unique partnership of AkzoNobel and Givaudan. Up to 40% sodium reduction...

Brenntag Holding

High Intensity Sweeteners - Practical Guidelines

Brenntag Holding GmbH | 23-May-2013 | Technical / White Paper

Which high intensity sweeteners are most used in new product launches and which applications are most common? The paper answers these marketing questions...

LomaSalt® 2.0 - The new generation

LomaSalt® 2.0 - The new generation

Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH KG | 25-Apr-2013 | Technical / White Paper

LomaSalt® 2.0 is an innovative composition of high value mineral salts. It enables sodium reduction with consistently good taste! The creation of healthy...

Azko Nobel

1-to-1 sodium reduction solution for meat products

Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals BV – Salt Specialties | 25-Apr-2013 | Technical / White Paper

Up to 40% sodium reduction can be achieved by 1-to-1 replacement of regular salt with Suprasel® OneGrain® TS-M100.  The product features the same processing...

Lacprodan® HYDRO:365 – the ultimate whey protein

Train hard. Recover faster with Lacprodan® HYDRO.365

Arla Foods Ingredients Group P/S | 15-Apr-2013 | Technical / White Paper

The market’s most advanced whey protein hydrolysate, Lacprodan® HYDRO.365 from Arla Foods Ingredients is rapidly absorbed, speeding up muscle recovery,...

Real Time Analysis for Real Time Savings

Real Time Analysis for Real Time Savings

Prediktor As | 15-Apr-2013 | Case Study

Combining a real time analysis with recipe management software allows an optimal control of quality and typically raw material cost saving in the range...


NTC Introduces a Novel Licorice Masker for Stevia

Natural Taste Consulting | 25-Mar-2013 | Technical / White Paper

A unique, sustainable and cost effective product that can significantly reduce the undesired licorice taste of stevia extracts. Through a thorough structure-function...



Borregaard | 31-Jan-2013 | Data Sheet

Vanilla is one of the world’s popular flavours. Borregaard is the only producer of vanillin from wood which gives a smoother, closer to natural note.Borregaard...


Tap into the trend for Greek-style yoghurt

Arla Foods Ingredients Group P/S | 21-Jan-2013 | Technical / White Paper

The demand for healthy, natural Greek yoghurt is booming, but traditional Greek yoghurt is expensive to make and demands specialised production equipment....

Is a Multihead weigher right for me?

Is a Multihead weigher right for me?

Ishida Europe | 08-Jan-2013 | Case Study

Put another way; ‘How am I going to get the right amount of product into each pack?’  The answer to this question will vary depending on your product but...

Food & Beverage Preservation: Practical Guidelines

Food & Beverage Preservation: Practical Guidelines

Brenntag Holding GmbH | 14-Nov-2012 | Application Note

Preservatives are essential additives to prevent microbial spoilage and ensure food & beverage safety.This application note provides practical guidelines...

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