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Tate & Lyle Food Stabiliser Systems in ice cream

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Tate & Lyle Food Stabiliser Systems in ice cream

Stabilisers in ice cream – A growth opportunity for the ice cream industry

Tate & Lyle’s Ice Cream Concepts currently include more than 10 options for innovation, including: milk ice cream (at 0 – 15% fat levels), frozen yoghurt, soft ice cream, sorbet and sherbet, ice cream mousse, smoothies, tiramisu ice cream, whiskey coffee ice cream, gin and lemon ice cream and further specialities.

Tate & Lyle has identified that many trends in frozen desserts are a result of innovation in the bakery industry as it seeks to offer consumers a premium snack or treat. Here is Tate & Lyle’s perspective on the best way for this industry to further capitalise on this trend.

Tate & Lyle’s FRIMULSION®​ stabiliser systems are tailor-made to meet customers’ individual requirements, with six key advantages for companies seeking to innovate in ice cream. Firstly they provide very stable mix emulsions in one system; they also offer easier aeration; they are dry at extrusion for easy processing; additionally they have improved melting resistance; provide longer shelf life by limiting ice recrystallisation, and lastly produce a smooth eating product with good body and great scoop-ability.

Tate & Lyle’s concepts offer also a good track record in making further recommendations for the improvement of a total recipe, such as the inclusion of sugars, milk proteins and other ingredients to provide the specific properties required for the production of a particular ice cream.

Tate & Lyle believes that manufacturers in the ice cream industry are best served by using a full service solution for product innovation, rather than simply seeking a ‘miracle ingredient’ to solve their challenges. Therefore, a full service approach might start with an innovative idea; develop a customised total recipe including a tailored functional stabiliser system; and give constant service during production.

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