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Tailor-Made Manufacturing for Tailor-Made Powders

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Tailor-Made Manufacturing for Tailor-Made Powders

Innov'ia is at the forefront of technology, as is our new website​ - access new website​-HERE

Innov'ia Industrie​ are "avant garde" specialists in low-temperature spray drying​, granulation​, encapsulation​, coating​ and prilling​ technologies, guaranteeing optimum protection of active sensitive products.
Innov'ia Industrie offers solutions for each of the following:-

Rapid development of market launch samples (upwards of several kilos) Industrial test: 200 kg - 1000 kg, Toll manufacturing from 1 T to 100 T. Innov'ia Industrie also has a strict quality assurance system in place, adhering to ISO 9002​ standards. SAVE TIME AND MONEY: 15 YEARS OF PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE


Innov'ia Industrie​ has contracted 350 industrial partnerships for the production of 450 different products. We have two separate industrial plants, one based at La Rochelle​ on the French atlantic coast (3 hours from Paris by TGV), and the other at Pontaumur​ in the central part of France. Innov'ia Industrie staff are highly qualified, motivated, and closely follow your company's project at every stage - from preliminary tests to full-scale industrial production. Above all, we offer quality​, security​ and proactivity​, tailor-making our services to your specific company requirements.

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