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TALIN® - Naturally makes the flavour complete

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TALIN® - Naturally makes the flavour complete

Talin® is the brand name for Thaumatin, the natural ingredient with outstanding properties. Talin® should be regarded as a natural flavouring component, which by virtue of its unique ability to interact with all areas of the tongue can achieve a variety of functions within a flavour system. It has the ability to work with a variety of flavors as well as pharmaceutical applications. FLAVOR MODIFICATION Used at low levels of inclusion in flavour formulations, Talin® can work to produce enhanced flavourings helping to create altogether better tasting products. BITTERNESS MASKING Functional ingredients are often associated with off notes or bitter aftertaste. Talin® can mask this bitterness, overcoming the perception of the off notes, making the product of particular interest for functional foods and beverage applications. PROVIDING MOUTHFEEL The modern trend of using lower levels of sugar and fat, even in mainstream applications, provides the ideal situation for Talin® to show its remarkable contribution to perceived mouthfeel. Even at very low usage levels, in the ppm range, the resultant effect is a richer, creamier product. SUGAR REPLACEMENT Talin® has a characteristic sweetness profile which is perceived later and lasts longer than other sweeteners. Overseal have developed a blend of Talin® and Fructose (FructalinTM) which can be used to replace a percentage of the added sugar. Talin® In Use STABILITY Eight disulphide bridges within the structure make this protein unusually stable to heat and pressure used in processes such as UHT, pasteurisation, retorting, baking and extrusion at pH ranges between 2 and 8. GA90 is also stable in the presence of synthetic colours commonly used in the food and drinks industry. SOLUBILITY Freely soluble in water based solutions Of up to 20% w/v can be produced at pH 3.0 Soluble in aqueous alcohol, glycerol, propylene glycol and sugar alcohols Soluble in 66% ethanol and pre-hydration allows solutions in up to 90% ethanol Please, contact us to discover more about the high added value of Talin® in your applications

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