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Stable instant cake emulsifier - Emulpals 300

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Stable instant cake emulsifier - Emulpals 300

Consumers today expect the same cake quality when they are regularly buying cakes from their local bakers or from supermarkets. In turn, producers of cakes must always produce their cakes in consistent quality, independently of variations in raw materials, processing and storage conditions. Palsgaard is now further strengthening its strong position in cake emulsifiers, by introducing the most stable cake emulsifier on the market. The new product has a minimum shelf life of 24 months, increasing the security of optimum performance over time. Typical cake emulsifiers on the market have shelf lives of only 6 to 12 months, meaning that Palsgaard A/S can now offer its customers a doubling or up to four times the normal shelf life. This development is a result of dedicated innovation and optimization over a number of years in our research and development company Nexus A/S. Due to unique technological capabilities and raw material selections, it has been possible for Palsgaard A/S to choose formulations and processing techniques, which gives this very long shelf life. Critical performance of cake emulsifiers are factors such as aeration performance, cake volume, texture and softness. These characteristics are now secured over an extended period of time, giving increased security, more yield, and more sales. Typical market segments valuing such higher security in performance, include producers of retail cake mixes and other cakemix producers, who experience long and difficult distribution channels, or simply companies that value consistent quality and security. Palsgaard now has the solution that fill those needs. An important added advantage of Emulpals 300 is, that the product itself does not contain any trans fatty acids. In addition, it has excellent properties in relation to eliminating trans fatty acids from various cake formulations. This is achieved by substituting partially hardened fats with Emulpals 300 and vegetable oils. Palsgaard has a broad application experience in this important field based on our focus in fats and oils, bakery products and emulsifiers for nearly 90 years. Finally the product is non gmo, produced only from vegetable raw materials, and certified Kosher and Halal. The new product, EMULPALS 300, is available on the market from the 15th of September.

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