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Soluble Cocoa Fibre

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Soluble Cocoa Fibre

The first 100% soluble cocoa fibre on the market. It is soluble in water and has the ability to absorb water like a sponge, swelling and therefore increasing the bulk of the stomach's contents, making you feel full faster. Once more, Natraceutical has transformed scientific fact into well-being reality, launching the first 100% natural Soluble Cocoa Fibre. Research shows that soluble fibre plays a significant role in lowering blood cholesterol levels and thereby reducing the risk of coronary heart disease. Soluble Cocoa Fibre is the first ingredient with a high content of soluble fibre derived 100% from cocoa. Beginning with cocoa powder containing 4% soluble fibre, Natraceutical has succeeded in increasing its concentration to 36.8% while maintaining the natural character of cocoa in the final product. Soluble Cocoa Fibre also contains a low content of fat, approximately 2.5%, making it perfect for low fat products. Soluble Cocoa Fibre is the natural method of increasing the content of soluble fibre in products with cocoa flavour. Let's explore the proven effects of soluble fibre in the body: Feeling full faster: Supplementing a normal diet with fibre, leads to an increased satiation due to a slower gastric emptying. Irritable bowel syndrome: a diet high in soluble fibre showed significantly more improvement than a standard diet or a diet high in insoluble fibre. A diabetic's sugar level modulator: Soluble fibre is digested and absorbed more slowly, leading to lower blood glucose levels. Lower cholesterol: Soluble fibre has a scientifically proven cholesterol-lowering effect, reducing total cholesterol by approximately 0.045 mmol/L. Colon cancer prevention: a diet high in fibre has long been associated with lower instances of colon cancer. Natraceutical is carrying out, in collaboration with an international centre of reference, an in vivo clinical study validating the therapeutic value of its ingredients in order to facilitate functional claims in the final product. Applications: Soluble Cocoa Fibre may be used in a variety of applications, increasing its soluble fibre content. Confectionery: can be used in cakes, biscuits, fondants, fillings, toppings, breakfast cereals, desserts, ice creams and yoghurts. Pharmacy/Dietetic: Soluble Cocoa Fibre contains soluble fibre, making it highly suitable for formulation into a wide range of diet applications, energy/sports bars and dietary supplements. Beverages: Convert a traditional beverage into an authentic functional beverage with the numerous physiological benefits imparted by our Soluble Cocoa Fibre. Our commercial department is at your disposal to answer all your questions and provide detailed information concerning the specific characteristics of each one of our products. Let us show you how to join the functional market and increase your profit lines.

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