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Senseburst® Family

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Senseburst® Family

Aligned to the seemingly ever increasing demand for novel and exciting taste sensations Belmay Ltd have recently introduced the Senseburst® Family, an innovative new product range designed to add that extra dimension to a variety of food and beverage applications. Presently, this interesting range includes Senseburst® Sour, Senseburst® Cooling and Senseburst® Tingling. Used in conjunction with an appropriate flavouring Senseburst® Sour not only enhances the "sour" effect of the finished product but lengthens and enriches the flavouring characteristics as well. As you can imagine the product contains a unique collection of powerful ingredients that when used in combination produces a result which far out weighs the sum of their individual parts. In addition, there's no need to increase the total fixed acidity of the finished product, a particularly powerful benefit in confectionery applications for example. Senseburst® Cooling, on the other hand, gives a 'cooling' sensation to the product without imparting any of the flavouring characteristics of conventional cooling products such as menthol or peppermint. Senseburst® Tingling, as the name suggests, produces a tingling after taste on the tongue. It works best with a partner like peppermint or chilli and is currently being applied to beverage and confectionery applications. Senseburst® Sour and Senseburst® Cooling, after a considerable amount of research and analysis, are now being applied successfully to soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and confectionery related products, a particular growth area. Look out for future additions to our exciting Senseburst® family. For more details on how Belmay can help you use these exciting products to liven up your product development, or to learn about more exotic ideas from the Belmay team, please contact Richard Finch, Marketing Manager on 01933 446 126/e-mail or visit our website at

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