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ScanPortioner™ portion cutters

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ScanPortioner™ portion cutters

Fixed weight portioning of almost any food product - it has never been easier ...The laser/vision system of the Scanvaegt portion cutters with its 3-D individual scanning of each product gives you the greatest accuracy in the portioning market. Combined with high-speed blade cutting, the Scanvaegt portion cutter provides you with better utilisation of your product, more on-target portions, less giveaway, overall better yield and supreme cut quality.

Scanvaegt's wide range of extremely accurate operating portion cutters is your guarantee for equipment that suits exactly the specific needs in your production.

Choose for instance between these:

ScanPortioner B55™
The genuine 3-D portion cutter for optimising yield.

The ScanPortioner B55™ is designed for advanced food processing companies that require portions with fixed weight and/or length.
The genuine 3-D scanning results in exceptionally accurate and stable individual measuring results that do not require corrections from weighing equipment.
The system consists of 24 static precision scanners placed in a circle around the conveyor avoiding unseen areas and shadow effects. There are no moving parts to jeopardise stability.

ScanPortioner B36™
This new member of Scanvaegt's ScanPortioner™ series uses a servo knife motor and a faster working vision system in order to maintain a very high accuracy - and still it offers a considerably increased number of cuts, namely 600-800 strokes/minute with the knife in fast cut mode.

ScanPortioner™ is the only intelligent portion cutter in the market that will do straight cuts as well as 45 degrees biased cuts.

ScanPortioner B22™
The ScanPortioner B22 is an advanced dual-lane portion cutter designed to meet the special needs of food processing companies. The ScanPortioner B22 portioning system uses a servomotor-driven knife in each lane and a rapid-response laser-scanning system to maintain very high accuracy - and still provide a top performance with up to 1500 strokes/minute per knife per lane.

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