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Safeguard Your Meat Business Into China

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Safeguard Your Meat Business Into China

European meat export will grow ...
According to several watchdogs in the meat industry, the demand for meat in Asia will increase significantly in the second half of 2015 and into 2016. As usual, China will take the lead because it is expected that domestic supply will fall short due to dwindling pig herds.
The increase in business is good news for the European meat sector, seeking for more business due to the Russian ban. However, seeking new business partners in China comes with challenges just like elsewhere in the world. Shipping meat products subject to strict (veterinary) regulations to new customers, whether or not 100% prepaid, is still risky. Various companies have reported cargo abandoning or other contractual issues when product arrives in China.
Unfortunately, the exporter (shipper) is commonly held responsible by the shipping industry for all costs and penalties.

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