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Belmay Ltd., always at the forefront of new product development, has launched a new product - the 'Senseburst® Dairy Booster', an innovative flavour/flavour enhancer that vastly improves the nature and taste profile of many dairy based applications. The Senseburst® Dairy Booster has been specifically developed to improve the performance of highly processed and/or engineered dairy products. Nearly all dairy applications must undergo some form of processing (temperature, homogenisation etc.) and often this adversely affects the taste profile of the finished product. In fact many of the flavour components formed, especially during heat treatment, are highly undesirable. However, using the Senseburst® Dairy Booster replaces many of the naturally present flavour components that are lost during processing. In addition, the product effectively "masks" the off note taints that consumers find so unattractive. The Senseburst® Dairy Booster can be used in conjunction with other flavourings and interestingly in most instances actually enhances flavour impact as well as improving the base application. The product works especially well in UHT and Low Fat products where the taste perception of higher fat is desired by manufacturers and consumers alike. Products such as low fat yoghurt, UHT milk and UHT milkshakes, custard, low fat ice cream have been tested and all benefit from the addition of the Senseburst® Dairy Booster. In addition, soya milk and probiotic drinking yogurt have certain undesirable taste characteristics but the inclusion of the Senseburst® Dairy Booster makes these products much more palatable. And what you get as a result is a fresher, smoother and richer dairy product!

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