Replacing Egg in Bakery with CAVAMAX W6

Format: External webinar | Document type: Webinar

Replacing Egg in Bakery with CAVAMAX W6
Fluctuations in egg prices, supply problems and increasing demand for vegan food products call for formulations with reduced egg content, e.g. in the bakery sector. Plus, quality characteristics must be met to guarantee consumer satisfaction.In this webinar we will explore how WACKER’s CAVAMAX® W6, a dietary fiber with excellent emulsifying and structure-building properties, can be used to partially or fully substitute egg in baked goods. Next to being fully vegan and E number free, CAVAMAX® W6 offers formulation flexibility while resulting in excellent crumb structure with comparable volume.


Dr. Helmut Reuscher Helmut Reuscher Technical Director Nutrition and Sales Director Americas for Biosolutions
Wacker Chemical Corp.

Rachela Mohr Rachela Mohr Business Development Manager Food Solutions
Wacker Chemie AG

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