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Recipe cost improvements and label requirements

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Recipe cost improvements and label requirements

Cost improvements and label requirements – a key focus for food manufactures

As a renowned supplier to the food industry, manufacturer projects often revolve around cost reduction and product label requirements. We can help you improve the cost situation by checking the recipe and highlighting areas for cost reductions, which might be found through tailored food system and/or adjustment of technologies - our core business strengths for many decades.

Examples of our focused approach

Convenience: alternatives for liquid eggs and dairy cream, reduction of oil content, increasing processing efficiency and more. Examples: mayonnaise, dressings, salad creams and sauces.

Dairy: alternatives for premium ingredients, lowering of fat content, complete recipe management and much more. Examples: mousses, desserts and a lot more.

Bakery: alternatives for egg based raw materials, egg replacement or egg reduction, gluten-free food systems, all ensuring quality, texture and taste. Examples: cakes and muffins

We formulate food systems for products with clearly defined requirements on product properties and declaration. An extensive range of tested and documented raw materials from a host of suppliers makes this possible i.e. by combining suitable ingredients with high functionality. Any targeted declaration can be met ranging from ‘clean(er) label’ to ‘free-from’ egg, wheat and more - with little or no compromise on quality and cost-effective/cost saving benefit.

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