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Product Ideas - From Classic to Modern

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Product Ideas - From Classic to Modern

Product Ideas: From Classic to Modern - G. C. HAHN & Co. is focused on several food application areas for new developments.

Beverage concepts with a little Extra.

The consumer demand is mostly focused on new taste experiences, fun and enjoyment, alongside health promotion, well being or fitness. HAHN – well-known as a “door opener” for creating new potential, has developed a range of new beverage products targeting these demands. Having the technological know-how to adapt individual types of stabiliser systems HAHN transform trends into top quality products. In this case for manufacturers of various beverage products, whether they are neutral or acidified, generally produced by traditional processing methods. Presenting only four examples of HAHN’s beverage concepts, the short overview gives an idea of how market segments could be newly discovered.

Fruit drinks with Whey and/or Soya

  1. Whey-yogurt drink with Aloe Vera concentrate is a perfect wellness drink, based on 40% yogurt and 31% whey. It is thermised and fat free.
  2. A whey cream drink, best combination of wellness, indulgence and snack saturation, by using 70% whey and 12 % cream. A very smooth drink with e.g. refreshing pineapple taste.
  3. Healthy soy fruit drink: a perfect alternative as lactose-free drink, 0% fat content, thermised, based on soy and fruit juice.
  4. Funny Soy juice drink, mixed with 25% whey and 20 soy yogurt. Little Extra: you can shake it for 20 seconds for pure enjoyment. The drink will become a perfect shake.

Recognised product basics like whey, with high consumer acceptance, combined with new ingredients or tastes or by using well known technologies from other application areas, are developing further a well established market segment.

It´s time for cheesecake


Cheesecake is one of the most versatile and popular cakes in the world with a long tradition in many countries. With a great taste and highly convenient, cheesecake will continue to be well liked.

In addition to traditional cheesecakes, HAHN offers innovative cheesecake product ideas which meet consumer needs: from low fat versions for the health awareness, E number free cheesecakes for the clean label trend, instant products for simple and quick preparation to indulgent creamy premium products.

The desired consistency and texture, specific to your raw material, technology and production requirements, can be achieved with our tailor-made HAHN stabiliser systems. It is possible to control product characteristics such as mouth feel and viscosity - from creamy to gelled, appearance – from smooth to aerated, flexibility in choosing fat levels, whipping characteristics and improvement of water binding properties.

This variety of product demands creates new market volume as well as target groups.

Having gained extensive experience HAHN can support you in finding your individual cheesecake dessert.

A true innovation for the sauce and dressing marketHot and cold use - One product offering two viscosities

Consumers are increasingly looking for convenient product ideas that offer additional advantages such as different options for their use.

G. C. Hahn & Co’s latest product concept for the convenience food market offers the application of one product for hot and cold meal options with a special viscosity effect: For cold use, enjoy a tasty lean salad dressing with excellent flowing characteristics. Or are you looking for a hot pasta sauce? Not a problem – simply heat the same dressing in a pan or microwave: The viscosity increases and turns into a delicious pulpy pasta sauce.

A thoroughly designed HAHN stabiliser system makes it possible. The system provides heat stability to the dressing preparation and meets the high technological challenge of texture change. The initial dressing viscosity is achieved during the industrial hot production process. A further thickening effect occurs if the end-consumer applies a 2nd heating process to obtain a pasta sauce with typical sauce texture.

Different flavour and texture options are of course possible. Some examples are pulpy tomato yoghurt sauce or creamy pesto sauce.


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