Obesity and health: the big fat, sugar and salt debate

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Obesity and health: the big fat, sugar and salt debate

Frustrated by what seem to be half-truths, misrepresentations and downright falsehoods peddled in the increasingly acrimonious debate about fats, sugar and salt? Then, this webinar is for you.Our one-hour, free online seminar – Obesity and health: the big fat, sugar and salt debate – will move the discussion away from vested interest special pleading to a more secure footing based on independent interpretation of the scientific evidence.We will offer an independent and impartial perspective on how these controversial topics affect the UK food and drink industry and how they are perceived by consumers and policy-makers.To separate the facts from the fictions, the myths from hard scientific realities, we have assembled an expert cast of speakers, who will debate the origins of Britain’s obesity crisis and, more importantly, what role food and drink manufacturers could and should play in remedying the problem.There will be a live question and answer session at the end of the debate. Register your question in advance by emailing michael.stones@wrbm.com. 


Alan Jackson Alan Jackson Director National Institute for Health Research
Southampton Biomedical Research Centre

Barbara Gallani Barbara Gallani Director of regulatory, science and health
Food and Drink Federation (FDF)

Charlotte Evans Charlotte Evans Lecturer - nutritional epidemiology and public health nutrition
University of Leeds

Graham MacGregor Graham MacGregor Professor of cardiovascular Medicine
Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine

Rod Addy Rod Addy Online editor

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