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No salt, just taste with new Italian ingredients

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No salt, just taste with new Italian ingredients

Prosol spa, a private independent Italian Company, announces the creation of a NEW RANGE of FUNCTIONAL INGREDIENTS named TasteNoSalt, aimed at decreasing the Sodium content and enhancing the taste of your recipe ingredients. Reasons to use TasteNoSalt ingredients: Decrease the SODIUM content and ENHANCE the TASTE of the recipe ingredients with ONE ingredient Decrease the COSTof the recipes, replacing the CHEESE in the filling Optimal ratio QUALITY/PRICE (additional cost from 5 to 8 €cent/kg of finished product replacing high amounts of salt!) Decrease the content of SPICES, a hazard for micro contamination, enhancing the ingredients FLAVOURS Nice LABELLING: Yeast Extract High added value NUTRITIONAL carriers, based on Yeasts CUSTOMIZED content of Natural Nucleotides, based on the customer recipes TasteNoSalt are non-GMO, Kasher and Halal certified, suitable for vegetarians and vegans PRODUCT RANGE TasteNoSalt Ribomix® Successful high concentrated source of NATURAL ANHYDROUS FREE 5’ NUCLEOTIDES (min 40%) for food products, excellent sensory profile. Very useful to standardize the content of Natural Nucleotides and mask unpleasant tastes. Max SODIUM content 5% BRIST™ Range of spray dried Yeast Extracts with increasing concentration of NATURAL ANHYDROUS FREE 5’ NUCLEOTIDES (5% to 30%) on demand of the customer. The presence of Nucleotides allows to have a very good taste and to add very low amounts of Sodium to the recipes. The taste of Brist™ is very effective in savoury preparations, especially when MSG/I+G or other additives should be partially or totally removed Very interesting for bakery products. The SODIUM content is from 2 to max 4%. TENS™ (Taste Extract No Salt) Spray-dried Yeast Extract with NO SALT Tens™ has a very nice smell and a good mouthfeel, combined with a very high ratio quality/price. Tens™ is a very neutral and noble carrier, free flowing creamy powder. Max SODIUM content 1% SLp1 Semi-finished product based on Yeast Extract and Dietary Fibres for fresh and dry filled pasta. SLp1 allows to decrease the COST of the recipe, partially or totally replacing CHEESE and other expensive ingredients an SLp1 is very effective in decreasing the SALT content of the filling, maintaining and even improving its sensorial properties SLp1 slows down the dampening of pasta by the filling, maintaining pasta in good conditions up to the expiry date SLp1 enhances the TASTE of the ingredients, there is no need of SPICES, lowering the microbiological risk RECOMMENDATIONS on SALT REDUCTION The recommendation of International and National Organizations on SALT REDUCTION and REFORMULATING SODIUM CONTENT are daily on the news. Some examples: - In January 2008 an Australian Organization (Awash) promoted a debate on salt and children as part of the International Salt Awareness Week. The recommended maximum intake is confirmed in 6 g/day. The meeting follow up includes actions to consult food industries to reduce the salt especially in food for children and improve the front pack labelling information on the salt content. Last February 2008 the first point in the meeting agenda of European High Level Group on Nutrition created by DG SANCO, is the salt reduction in foods. The following information and guidelines documents are pushing the big players to find strategies to improve the healthy content of their food products. EUROPEAN RECOMMENDATIONS IN DIETARY SALT REDUCTION: QUALITATIVE SUGGESTIONS RECOMMENDED TARGET (g/day) COUNTRIES 4 Rep. Of Ireland (advised target for adults) 5 WHO; Turkey, Estonia 6 UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Rep. Of Ireland (achievable target for adults), Norway, Finland (all for women), Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Poland (1 teaspoon) 7 Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland (all for men) 8 France 8,75 Belgium 9 Netherlands from "Rationale and potential population impact of Sodium reduction measures: WHO policy recommendations" F. Branca, Regional Adviser, Nutrition Reg. Office for Europe - In April 2008 on the major Italian National newspaper web-site, an interview to Mrs Carla Favaro, Professor at the Specialization Nutrition School of the University of Milano-Bicocca, has been published. Prof. Favaro underlines that the daily consumption of salt is approximately 10 times more than needed by the human body and of course this is due to the domestic use but mainly to the salt content of industrial manufactured foods. The most "hidden" salt is in cereals derivatives (bread, pasta, crackers, bread substitutes, etc.) and in dressings, cubes, condiments. REFERENCES 1."Reformulating sodium content in foods - A public-private partnership Project" - J. Martinez 2."Rationale and potential population impact of sodium reduction measures: WHO policy recommendations" - F. Branca, WHO 3."Member States High Level group Working Group on Salt Reduction - Commission Perspective" - S. Bodenbach, European Commission 4.Salt and Children's Health Debate Report - "AWASH puts salt on the agenda not on the table" Prosol collected the information on the nutritional labels of some of the most important brands present on the Italian market: SODIUM CONTENT (%) OF INDUSTRIAL PACKED FOODS IN NORTH ITALY Cracker 1 1,00 Cracker 2 1,10 Sandwich loaf bread 0,60 Breadsticks 1 0,90 Breadsticks 2 1,04 Breadsticks 3 0,72 Bread slices 1 0,50 Bread slices 2 0,50 Biscuits 0,70 Whole grain cookies 0,70 Dietary cookies 0,70 Croissants 1 0,30 Croissants 2 0,60 Fresh tortellini 0,60 Dried tortellini 0,60 Dry soup 1 0,60 Dry soup 2 0,80 Dry soup 3 1,00 PROSOL SPA Prosol is a private independent Italian Company, ISO certified, with a deep know-how and long-lasting experience in bio-technologies application. Prosol is very active since already 10 years in the production of Yeasts 5'-Nucleotides by enzymatic hydrolysis, for foods and dietary foods applications. Prosol recently equipped a new food production department for manufacturing Tens™ and Brist™ and also to increase the production capacity of Ribomix®

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