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New study shows that athletes recover faster with HYDRO.365 whey protein hydrolysate

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athletes recover faster with HYDRO.365 whey protein hydrolysate

Endurance athletes consuming a combination of traditional sports drinks plus Lacprodan®​ HYDRO.365, Arla Foods Ingredients’ whey protein hydrolysate, perform at a higher level than athletes consuming sports drinks alone – according a new study.


The study involved 18 top-class runners from Team Denmark taking part in a one-week training camp. The athletes were training twice a day, every day (apart from on one rest morning) equating to 13 training sessions during the week.


The results demonstrated that the athletes who consumed HYDRO.365 before and after training performed better in a final 4km run-test than the sports drink-only group, with a mean improvement of 17 seconds. The whey protein group also experienced less muscle damage compared with the sports drink-only group.

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