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New confectionery solutions concepts with Emden® ET 50

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New confectionery solutions concepts with Emden® ET 50

Due to the low heat viscosity, good film-forming and the fast gelling properties Emden®​ ET 50 can be qualified as an excellent starch for the confectionery industry. The elasticity, clarity and low dosage level makes this product an innovative ingredient for food applications. Suitable to produce vegan and fat-free confectionery products with textures never showed before of a starch.

Emden®​ ET 50 is tested and suitable in the most used cooking systems, like batch-cookers, direct cookers and pressure dissolvers.

Benefit overview:

  • Excellent texturizer
  • Fast gelling properties
  • Gelatine free
  • Low Dosage……..High Performance
  • For vegan confectionery
  • Good elasticity and clarity
  • Cleaner Label
  • Halal, allergen

Especially for chews, the benefits of using Emden ET 50® can be listed as follows:

  • Vegetarian
  • No BSE fear
  • Lower calories
  • No fat oxydation
  • Better flavour release
  • Easier cleaning of equipment
  • No slippery floors
  • No emulsifier

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