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New ScanCombinator™ self-adjusting multihead weigher

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New ScanCombinator™ self-adjusting multihead weigher

The ScanCombinator now comes with the unique AFA technology that ensures a consistent high flow of products to the weighing unit, greater processing accuracy and all time low maintenance costs.

Automatic Feeder Adjustment technology (AFA)

This is achieved using Automatic Feeder Adjustment (AFA) technology, which means that the vibrating feeders always operate at full capacity because of the self-adjusting feature. The weighing unit therefore always receives a constant flow of products, exploiting your equipment to the full.

Designed specifically for wet and sticky products

The design of the Scanvaegt multihead weigher ensures that soft, wet and sticky products are moved to the weighing unit as smoothly and rapidly as possible - and does away with feeder system blockages. This means that products like salad, marinated vegetables, shredded carrots, cheese, seafood, bacon cubes, sausage slices as well as other hard-to-handle products are moved to the weighing unit hassle-free.

Built to last

Every detail in the ScanCombinator is designed for maximum reliability and durability, with only a minimum of maintenance. The open construction and easy-to-clean sloping surfaces also make it easy to maintain excellent hygiene standards.

Key features of AFA technology

  • Extremely fast self-adjustment - it takes less than 30 seconds to optimise the frequency of all 10, 14 or 18 vibratory feeders
  • Easy to use - no need to give operators any special training - just push a button
  • Driver frequency is far more accurate than when using mechanical adjustment
  • Unaffected by any fluctuations in main power supply.

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