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Natural carotenes for bright shades

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Natural carotenes for bright shades

Sensient Food Colors Europe is the leading producer of high quality natural and synthetic colour formulations. The product line has recently been extended by novel natural carotene products for the confectionery industry. The new products have been developed to meet the increasing consumer demands for healthier and more natural food products. Consumers are showing a clear preference for colours from natural sources. Natural carotenes are extracted from a number of sources and are characterized by a spectrum of carotene isomers with unique colouring properties and additional health benefits.

Sensient has developed a wide variety of shades using new natural carotenes. The spectrum includes attractive bright lemon yellow to deep orange shades to match tropical fruit flavours. The new range has particularly been designed for confectionery and pan coated sweets. Easy to use formulations have been developed to enable a convenient handling. Sensient's unique emulsification technology ensures superior stability and highly efficient dosage rates. Since the new natural carotene range is sugar free and especially optimized for coatings, the colours can be applied to sugar-free chewing gum as well as sugar-free candy products.

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