Managing the Global Food Safety Landscape in the World of FSMA

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Dow Microbial Control

Managing the ever-changing food safety regulatory landscape continues to be a challenge for the industry.  Food manufacturers must be able to navigate this ever-changing landscape in order to create winning products.  They must adopt new technologies to reduce the risk of contaminating their products – failure to do so will be at their peril. One example of a new sustainable technology that is now available to food manufacturers is Dow’s Whole Room Sanitization technology which represents a new twist on a technology that has been around for several decades.  This technology combines the use of ozone with non-condensing humidity in a gaseous whole room treatment regimen that greatly enhances efficacy.  It also has the advantage of reaching hard to treat places such as cracks and crevices that conventional sanitizing chemicals cannot reach.


Paul A. Hall Paul A. Hall President
AIV Microbiology and Food Safety Consultants, Inc

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