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Maltilite, the most cost-effective sugar replacer

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Maltilite, the most cost-effective sugar replacer

Maltilite® is the most cost-effective sugar replacer. It is a calorie-reducing bulk-sweetener with a pleasant sweet taste and a rheology similar to sucrose. Maltilite® allows optimizing sweetening formulations for the manufacture of "sugar free", "calorie reduced", "no added sugar", "low carb" products.

Maltilite®, heavenly sweet

Maltilite® is Syral's range of maltitol syrups and powders. Maltitol is part of a large family of bulk sweeteners known as "polyols" or "sugar alcohols". It is produced by hydrogenation of maltose syrups derived from corn or wheat starch.
Maltitol has a sweetening power of 80% compared to sucrose, and offer a clean and pleasant taste profile, with no off-flavours. As opposed to intense sweeteners, which need to be used together with bulking agents, Maltilite® has a rheology that is very close to sucrose. This similarity of taste and rheology allows replacing up to 100% of the sugar with Maltilite® very easily.
It provides excellent results in sensory, texture and preservation.
Maltitol has a caloric value of only 2.4 kcal/g and a glycaemic index of 35. Therefore, Maltilite® contributes to reducing the caloric value of food and its impact on glycaemia, which makes it suitable for diabetics.
Maltilite® is non-cariogenic and as such is highly appreciated for sugar-free confectionery and very much used in oral care.

Optimizing your sweetening formulations with Maltilite®

Syral's Innovation and Technical Service department works closely with customers to design and test new sweetening formulations, in order to optimize the taste of end products and allow nutrition claims that meet the consumer's needs: low sugars, reduced sugars, no added sugars, sugar free, energy reduced. Maltilite® meets all requirements for manufacturing sugar-free products, and can be used in many recipes to replace sugar and other bulk sweeteners.


- Confectionery and gums
The low caloric value, non-cariogenic and anti-crystallizing properties of Maltilite® make it an ideal ingredient for the manufacture of sugar-free confectionery, particularly chewing gums and chocolate. Maltilite® is also ideal in sugar free gelatine gums and sugar reduced marshmallows. In hard boiled candies, it can be used to either partially replace the sweetening formulation while providing a good shelf life.

- Ice cream and sorbets
Thanks to its sweetness and viscosity, which are very similar to those of sucrose, Maltilite® syrups can be used to produce sugar and energy reduced ice creams (-40%) with no addition of intense sweeteners. The taste and melting kinetic of the products are unchanged.

- Jams
Maltilite® syrups with a high dry substance will successfully replace sucrose and glucose syrups intraditional jams and fruit preparations. Maltilite® brings excellent flavouring properties and a good flavour release to these products with no added sugars.

- Bakery and cereal based products
Maltilite® syrups and powders can be included in the formulation of no added sugars cereal bars and biscuits, in which it improves stability thanks to its low hygroscopicity.

- Sauces
Maltilite® allows the formulation of an energy and sugars reduced ketchup sauce with only 3g of sugars/100g.

- Diabetes foods
Maltilite® is suitable for use in all kinds of foods for diabetics. Indeed, maltitol is slowly absorbed by the system and the rise in blood glucose and the associated insulin response are significantly lower.

- Pharmaceuticals and oral care
Being non-cariogenic, Maltilite® is appropriate for toothpastes and tooth gels. Their anti-crystallizing and rheological properties make it an ideal bulk sweetener for cough-syrups.


In many cases, the combined use of Maltilite® and Actilight® prebiotic fibres allows to further improve the taste and nutrition profile of the end product.

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