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Make an impact with authentic Mature Cheddar flavour

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Cheddar cheese – a classic British household essential – is a multibillion pound category which dominates cheese sales in the UK. Within the Cheddar category, Mature leads the way – with almost 50% of total market share and impressive year-on-year growth.

But it isn’t just block cheese sales in which Cheddar’s enduring popularity is so clearly pronounced. Cheddar is also the clear favourite in cheese-flavoured products launched across savoury categories – from pastries and breads, to ready meals and savoury biscuits.

Download the new infographic from the cheese expert, Synergy, for more information on: 

  • Key insights into consumer demand for authentic Mature Cheddar cheese
  • How to add value to your products and deliver an authentic Mature Cheddar profile with impact

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