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Label & cost focused product development

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Tate & Lyle Food Systems offers new solutions for specific label requirements

Currently, the projects of food producers frequently revolve around, on the one hand cost reduction, and on the other product label requirements. At Tate & Lyle Food Systems, the on-going development of cost-reduction options is, of course, top priority. At the same time, development work with a focus on the type of labelling related to food stabiliser systems is also given high attention within the cost reduction brief.

We thus formulate special food systems for products with clearly defined requirements on the product declaration. The extensive range of tested and documented raw materials from a host of suppliers makes this possible i.e. by combining suitable ingredients with high functionality, any targeted declaration can be met ranging from ‘clean(er) label’ to ‘free-from’ egg, wheat and more - with little or no compromise on quality and cost-effective/cost saving benefit.

Finished product examples from the in-house technology centre are available to demonstrate and discuss product concepts.

Please contact us for more detailed information about our cleaner label choices and cost saving options at, key word: cleaner label choices.

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