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Innovative whey products - Tate & Lyle Food Systems

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Innovative whey products - Tate & Lyle Food Systems

Whey – a source of innovation and growth opportunity

Whey in food and beverage has become an apparent consumer trend. Over the last few years, alongside the extensive range of whey drinks previously available, an increasing number of food and drink products with whey constituents have successfully been launched.

According to a 2014 Innova Market Insights ​study, ​whey rose from eighth position in 2012 to third position a year later for the number of published protein patents in food and drink. Whey protein is constantly growing and rising in popularity as a natural, healthy ingredient. Alongside this, sport and performance products are becoming mainstream and are targeting the more generally active consumer.

Taking into consideration leading key words like ‘functional, wellness, weight management and ‘high protein’, whey could continue as a legitimate ingredient for innovation.

Tate & Lyle Food Systems has created a large number of ‘classic’ to ‘premium’ prototypes with whey. Consumer and market trends can be met with a multitude of solutions for desserts, sports drinks and cereal-enriched beverages, dips and dressings, simple spread recipes that are easily varied and reworked or a soft-serve ice cream based on acid whey. Dairy manufacturers can benefit from these growth opportunities by meeting contemporary consumer expectations by innovating with whey.

Known worldwide as a supplier of food systems and innovative solutions, Tate & Lyle Food Systems provide its customers with a wide range of ideas, product developments and prototypes. Combined with our comprehensive technology expertise and services in fast-track development and mass production, Tate & Lyle Food Systems allow for excellent growth opportunities while making a contributing to cost and time-saving.

Food manufacturers wishing to pursue the whey trend are invited to meet our recipe management team to learn more about our exciting whey food and beverage solutions.

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