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Great Flavour Partners For Soya Applications

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Great Flavour Partners For Soya Applications

The increasing popularity of soya related foods and beverages is mainly attributable to the significant number of health benefits associated with its beans. For example, soya beans have a very high protein content, are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibres, and thus considered to make a valuable contribution to a healthy diet. However, soya based products often exhibit "off" flavour characters described as nutty, beany, powdery, dry and bitter. Either alone or in combination, these taints can create an unpleasant overall taste. But help is on hand! Belmay Ltd. has now launched a range of flavourings that effectively mask many of these unsavoury characters present in soya related applications whilst enhancing the finished product by improving its taste and mouthfeel. This portfolio of flavourings, including strawberry, peach, orange, mango, apple, cherry, raspberry, blueberry, lime, toffee and lemon, makes a highly positive impact in eliminating the "off" characters when added to soya related applications. The flavourings selected have a carefully chosen blend of raw materials used at the optimum concentrations to provide effective masking of the unpleasant soya tastes; for example, with the strawberry, balancing the sweet jammy characters with wonderfully authentic fruity, juicy top notes. An in depth evaluation has resulted in a portfolio designed to enhance the customer taste experience whilst they can still enjoy the health benefits of soya. For example, the addition of strawberry flavouring to sweetened soya yogurt not only overcomes the "off" characters of soya but also brings out the fresh, pleasant strawberry notes resulting in a delicious soya product! Currently these flavourings have been successfully applied to soya yogurts and milk drinks.

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