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Go-Luo® (Monk Fruit – Luo Han Guo) Natural, Non-Caloric, FDA GRAS Affirmed Sweetener

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Guilin Layn Natural Ingredients Corp.

Guilin LAYN Natural Ingredients Corp. over the past 10 years has dedicated itself to the commercial development of what is now the newest, most innovative and exciting all-natural, zero-calorie, high-intensity sweetener to hit the global market, stemming from FDA’s pivotal acceptance in 2011 of LAYN’s GRAS regulatory dossier, embodying the company’s trademarked Go-Luo®​ line of monk fruit extracts​ (traditional Chinese name, “Luo Han Guo​”).  LAYN’s signature Go-Luo®-55monk fruit​ provides a 250 fold higher sweetness factor compared to sugar.  And unlike natural stevia extracts which carry the same sweetness “punching power” as monk fruit extract, LAYN’s premium Go-Luo®-55​ monk fruit​ offers an exceptionally superior clean-bodied taste, the closest to sugar among all high-intensity non-caloric sweeteners available on the market, either natural (stevia) or artificial.

LAYN’s earlier-generation monk fruit extracts, such as Go-Luo®-25 ​(150 Fold sweeter than sugar), Go-Luo®-40​(180 Fold sweeter than sugar) and Go-Luo®-50 ​(230 Fold sweeter than sugar) provide a characteristically pleasant  “fruity” or subtle “caramelized” flavor profile, serving well and highly desirable for certain formulation objectives, and particular too in masking bitterness and aftertaste issues with other ingredients and/or sweeteners, including stevia. While LAYN’s newer-generation Go-Luo®-55​ monk fruit is made with a further proprietary technology that eliminates monk fruit's otherwise characteristic organoleptic flavor profile, and thus providing an exceptionally clean taste sensation most closely associated to sugar but at 250 fold higher sweetness.

LAYN, performing as the world’s largest producer of stevia extract, holds a vested interest in promoting how effectively monk fruit can work in synergy with stevia. Serving this point, LAYN developed a proprietary combination monk fruit, stevia product trademarked Lovia™​ which showcases the ability of monk fruit to balance out the relative bitter aftertaste associated with stevia.  LAYN’s Go-Luo®-50​ with its gradually rising upfront sweetness relative to stevia, and its longer lasting back end sweetness and subtle “fruity” or “caramelized” flavor notes serves highly effective in masking or balancing out the bitter aftertaste associated with stevia.

Guilin LAYN Natural Ingredients Corp. is a company focused on the identification, development and production of several other natural sweeteners and active botanical principles exhibiting functional benefits for the food, beverage, dietary supplement, personal care and pharmaceutical industries. LAYN operates under internationally certified standards including FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, HAACP, CERES/USDA Organic, Kosher, Halal, and carries out successful GMP audits by government agencies including the United States FDA, and leading multinational corporations. Guilin LAYN is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange as stock symbol 002166. 

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