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Gluten free products in bakery

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Gluten free products in bakery – Stabiliser systems, the smart solution

Gluten, a protein in wheat flour, gives baked products structure, strength and texture. It helps to retain the gas generated during rising process. Without Gluten, cakes do not rise; and lose their softness, texture and mouth feel. Tate & Lyle’s stabiliser systems are able to replace the functionality of gluten – containing a combination of different starches, such as rice or potato and hydrocolloids. The properties in these baked goods show similar quality and texture to conventional ones.

A major challenge in creating gluten-free products is to ensure that they can withstand the rigours of mass production, baking, freezing, thawing, transport, storage and display - and remain as appetizing as the original. Tate & Lyle Food Systems provides gluten-free solutions for Muffins, Cakes, Batters, Biscuits and Sponges.

Case study 1 - Plain Muffin - Gluten Free REBALANCE™
Tate & Lyle’s REBALANCE™ formulation service helps manufacturers to reduce fat, sugars, calories and salt levels, without compromising taste or product quality. It allows for easy preparation using common bakery equipment, and is free from wheat – which is replaced by HAMULSION®​ UV GF1. This food system improves texture, batter stability, crumb texture control and offers an indulgent mouth feel. This multi-purpose system can also be used for muffin, brownie, and cupcake recipes and contains 23% sugar and 5% liquid egg.

Case study 2 – plain Sponge Cake – Gluten Free REBALANCE™
This REBALANCE™ concept offers a gluten free sponge cake, with indulgent mouth feel, good crumb structure, and similar product characteristics when compared to sponge cakes containing gluten. It uses HAMULSION®​ UV GF 1, is baked, free from wheat, improves texture, batter stability, crumb structure, and offers an indulgent mouth feel. It contains 23% sugar and 15% liquid egg.

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