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GELITA - Trigger for Innovation

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GELITA - Trigger for Innovation

The primary function of modern food is no longer just to satiate; many other aspects of nutrition are coming to the fore. Low sugar, low fat and low calorie - but still retaining high or even improved taste - are the demands of today.

Increasingly, people are combining quality of life with health and fitness, the idea being to remain active and to do something to make them feel better. One of the prime aspects considered is to consciously provide the body with all vital substances. To some extent this can be achieved with normal meals; but in the case of special needs, e.g. sports nutrition, wellness products or dietetics, new types of product need to be developed.

The pure collagen products from GELITA can provide both functional foods and food supplements with the required added value. GELITA® Sol e.g. can replace the sugar and fat in foodstuffs with pure protein without loss of taste, thus creating modern products with a low glycemic index, high protein content and reduced calorie count. As an additional effect - due to its unique amino acid composition - collagen hydrolysate contributes further health benefits such as attractive skin, hair and nails and healthy joints.

In this way, decisive differentiation from ordinary food can be created, thus providing a competitive edge on the market.

The food market is on the move​...and GELITA is a major contributor

There is no other market as versatile as the food market. Innovation takes place within seconds. GELITA's product development lab sees this as a challenge and creates innovative end-consumer product concepts for its customers. Sometimes this is proactive based on its own initiative but often it occurs within a close and confidential partnership with individual customers. This saves customers' resources, provides an "external view" of the product range as well as contributing unbiased ideas.

A "drinkable gummy bear" for children is one of the ideas that arose from the GELITA creative pool. It tastes like gummy bears, has the same attractive colors and could well be loved like gummy bears if manufactured and marketed by a confectionery or beverage company bold enough to take up this kind of innovative idea.

Convenience - a major driving force in the food market.

One of the prime aspects of modern eating is that it should be fast; many people just don't have the time to prepare a complete menu. Cooking has become mainly a weekend activity, often as a hobby with or for friends. During the week, however, there is little time for cooking; packaged soups, frozen Lasagna and ready-to-eat desserts are what is demanded. However, these too must have quality; they must taste as if cooked at home. The industry must respond to this by providing the demanding consumer with products that can be prepared within minutes practically anywhere and without sophisticated equipment. Such products are possible if the right ingredients are available coupled with good, consumer-oriented concepts. The leading manufacturers of ingredients supply both; all that is required is some fine tuning to adapt the concept to an already-existing portfolio and to position the product accordingly.

One such concept for desserts that combines both the health and convenience aspects is GELITA's "Mousse It Up", an easy-to-prepare instant mousse that can be prepared practically anywhere.

GELITA® products at a glance:

The use of GELITA® Collagen-Hydrolysates allows final products to claim several benefits:

  • Less or even no fat and sugar
  • Fewer calories
  • More valuable calories as they originate from protein rather than from fat or sugar
  • Higher protein level
  • Lower glycemic index


  • Has been proven to enhance joint health
  • Contributes to the build-up of muscle and connective tissue
  • Promotes healthy and balanced nutrition
  • Combats metabolic stress
  • Improves skin, hair and nails
  • Is suitable for diabetics
  • Enables sugar-free confectionery to be produced

All GELITA products have numerous valuable properties:

  • Non-allergenic
  • Not an additive - and hence no E-number
  • Contain no preservatives
  • Easily digestible
  • Taste-neutral, i.e. no bitter taste
  • New tastes available, e. g. spicy cereal bars as sugar is replaced as a binding agent
  • Cholesterol-free
  • Gluten-free

The collagen hydrolysate GELITA® Sol has many additional technological properties:

  • Produces an outstanding mouth feeling
  • Forms a reliable surface film and exhibits protective colloid behavior
  • Compatible with other ingredients
  • Extremely soluble in cold water

Why not test us?

GELITA - Partner for innovation
With its unique combination of technological functionality and health-promoting properties, GELITA® Gelatine​ provides excellent opportunities for the development of new products.

GELITA's Technical Service Department will gladly help with technical questions and can even develop customized, creative and innovative solutions for new applications.

GELITA - An Element of Our Life

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