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GELITA - Promoting the new Generation of Food

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GELITA - Promoting the new Generation of Food

The right type of gelatine can be the spark for new reduced-fat products In the last few years we have seen a drastic increase in the demand for healthier foods. Consumers looking to improve their diets due to poor health or obesity, and those simply looking to remain or become more health-conscious are seeking enjoyable foods, without negative consequences. Consumers are demanding healthier foods across all categories, from candy to cereals, and bars to beverages. The demand of healthy food is constantly increasing One important aspect of health improvement is the reduction of fat. To keep up with the demand, many food manufacturers are creating lines of low-calorie products which are healthier than traditional products, while eliminating most of the fat content. This has become difficult because consumers are seeking less fat and fewer calories, but simultaneously call for more protein and nutrients. The complexity of this task is further aggravated by the fact that regardless of how food manufacturers get the job done, consumers still demand the same taste and texture they are used to, in the low-fat alternatives. In this way, a low-fat cheese e.g. has to have the same creaminess and the same "fatty taste" like its full-fat counterpart. Less fat but full taste is the key for success Although the particular formulation of most products is rather complicated, the use of GELITA® Gelatine can contribute to a wide range of low-fat foods. It can also help to maintain their physical, functional, and flavor characteristics. First, GELITA® Gelatine is used as a stabilizer in yogurt. As low fat and fat free yogurts become popular, gelatine is valuable in providing a creamy, fat-like mouth feeling in the absence of fat. Because gelatine melts at body temperature, it simultaneously releases the desired flavor. GELITA® Gelatine is providing complete solutions for a wide range of reduced-fat products Low fat butter and margarine benefit from the use of gelatine. Compared to standard full fat versions, gelatine can make up for the reduced fat content in low fat spreads. GELITA has even developed technology for low fat hard cheese that today is not available in the market. Cheddar having only 30% fat can be produced with this technology having the same texture and mouth feel as regular 45-50% fat cheddar. Also grinding properties and melting behavior in the oven when used as pizza cheese are the same as high fat products. This is giving the consumer the option to have alternative with up to 40% fat reduction. To participate in this healthy food trend the choice of ingredients is crucial Modern consumers seek the best quality and taste in foods. However, the days of eating high fat and high sugar foods may be a distant memory. Now, consumers are realizing the need to become more health-conscious in making food choices. The trend toward healthy diets and tasty foods will only grow. If you would like to create or expand your health food line with products that are healthier alternatives, yet still maintain a pleasing taste and form, GELITA® Gelatine is the choice for you! GELITA - An Element of Our Life GELITA is the world's leading gelatine producer with activities in all major markets. The GELITA headquarters in Eberbach, Germany, is the coordination center for research and development, sales, production, communication and other corporate activities. Eberbach also is responsible for the European Market. All North American business is coordinated from Sioux City, Iowa. South America is operated from Cotia, Brazil and in Botany Australia is the headquarters for the Asia Pacific Africa region. As a pioneer in gelatine production for more than 130 years, GELITA is the gelatine leader creating new industry trends, product innovations and value added tailor-made concepts. Our customers also benefit from our global presence, commitment to research & development, state-of-the-art production, technology, logistics and our understanding of business in multiple continents and cultures.

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