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Functional Water Concepts with S. Black and Sensus

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Functional Water Concepts with S. Black and Sensus

Functional Water Concepts With consumers all over the world wanting to drink more (quality) water, this product category is put under pressure by high consumer requirements. The modern consumer wants the best of everything. Their active lifestyles create a demand for new, convenient products in addition to the traditional bottled waters and other beverages. This creates new consumer driven products in which components from other categories like health supplements; sports nutrition and cosmetics are combined to deliver the desired benefits. Enhanced or fortified waters have done much to add more value to the market. Adding vitamins and minerals to water helps consumers achieve their recommended daily intake of nutrients in a practical and convenient format. Fibres are added to formulas to help burn fat quicker, curb hunger or make consumers feel fuller for longer. There is also a strong market for enhanced waters for children as parents and schools are searching for healthy, low calorie and low sugar drinks that are also nutritionally good for you. Fortification could also be more tailored to different age and gender groups, with calcium-rich formulas for children, or folic acid for women, or even heart disease preventing nutrients for seniors. One of several product concepts developed by Netherlands based Sensus, is Water+ aimed at adult consumers. Water+ is a premium-fortified water with key vitamins, minerals and a prebiotic fibre to provide energy and to support bone health and digestive health for people with active lifestyles. Due to its good solubility, the Frutafit® inulin range, available in the UK through S. Black Ltd, is a perfect source of prebiotic fibres for clear beverages, such as near water products. Inulin helps provide mouth feel to the water, while maintaining a very low viscosity. In addition, sensory tests have shown that Frutafit® inulin can mask the undesired aftertastes of several high intensity sweeteners and bitter components. Water+ is enriched with a high level of calcium for effective bone maintenance, inulin-based dietary fibres to support the digestive system, energy-enhancing B-vitamins and the antioxidant vitamin C. A very important quality for clear near-water beverages is the shelf life of the dietary fibre used in the formula. Frutafit® is an ideal ingredient due to its high solubility and therefore its long shelf life. Water+ has a shelf life of at least 12 months at room temperature. Another concept is Water+ for Kids, targeting children between 4 and 12. The attractive flavour appeals to children whereas its low level of sweeteners appeals to their parents. The Water+ for Kids beverage system contains a number of essential B-vitamins, antioxidant vitamin C as well as a rich source of prebiotic fibre, calcium, magnesium and iron. Other near water concepts include 'Trendy Quench', a light, sparkling prebiotic fruit drink targeted at young adults and 'Fit-4-Life', a herbal hydration drink with added fibre, green tea and ginseng for people over the age of 55. S. Black Ltd's experienced team of food developers and nutritionists, work together with ingredient manufacturers and customers to develop appealing products that taste great and bring additional health benefits. We have a unique and extensive range of nutritional; flavour & colour; and performance ingredients to help food & beverage manufacturers boost the positives and reduce the negatives of their products.

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