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Food Stabiliser Systems

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Food Stabiliser Systems

Food Stabiliser Systems - Mayo, Snacks, Cream and Co. - New Product Ideas are matching market needs.
New generations of stabiliser systems generate new product profiles and open the doors for several new product developments focussing constantly consumer and market needs. G. C. HAHN & Co. offers a huge range of customised stabiliser systems for nearly every food area, always adapted to match individual product profiles and technological and processing demands.

Mayo for Cooking
Food products that are intended for more than one type of application are a growing trend. HAHN & Co. have taken this topic up for the convenience food segment and developed a stabiliser system to add heat-stability to salad cream. The purpose-designed system creates a stable emulsion and assures excellent heat stability. Moreover, it enhances the desired short and creamy texture in salad cream and offers a light mouthfeel and good water binding characteristics.


New Cream Variations with Premium Quality
Highest convenience level, perfectly designed stabilisation for any kind of application in the area for e.g. dairy cream concepts, especially with reduced butter fat - HAHN has created a new range of stabiliser systems, also for low-fat concepts. The cream area is a product segment of high importance worldwide and with constant changes of requirements. In terms of butter fat reduction, consumers are expecting always the same good cream quality. At the HAHN technology center, HAHN & Co. developed new innovative solutions for different cream concepts: cream to whip, cream to cook and cream as part of desserts.

Ready, Steady... Meals
Skilful combinations of indulgent, light ready meals with natural ingredients and fresh character or with addition of vitamins or secondary plant substances are the types of products that are winning the consumer's favour. HAHN & Co. focussed on exactly these market requirements, developing numerous innovative ready meal formulations for food producers. All recipes are based on simple technology with selected raw materials and can be adjusted to individual customer needs.
One very successful and up-to-date product group are low fat or 0% fat sauces for ready meals. By a combination of different stabiliser systems, i.e. hydrocolloids, proteins and fat derivatives, a very attractive shiny appearance as well as extraordinary creaminess and good mouthfeel are achieved in fat-reduced and even fat-free sauces. The final viscosity/consistency can individually be adjusted in line with product requirements.

Cheese - one of the important keys to a great pizza
HAHN's Analog Cheese - an Alternative
HAHN & Co. developed a new analog pizza cheese, possible by a specific stabiliser system. Important for manufactures, it meets all expectations in terms of price, simplified production requirements and sensory properties. Viscosity, mouthfeel and taste are adjustable depending on consumer needs. The product can easily be handled even if cold, means: processing, grating, cutting, sprinkling, crumbling and portioning are no problem. Once heated, this analog cheese is designed to melt lightly while forming excellent cheese strings. HAHN's recipe uses only 15-18 % casein and is based on water and vegetable fat. The convenient solution is suitable for multiple application areas like: gratins, baguettes, toasts, sandwiches, cheese fillings, mixed salads or soufflés.

HAHN's Processed Cheese Variations
Another HAHN product idea - processed cheese with added components. The basic recipe contains 20 - 70 % cheese, mixed with different milk proteins and melting salts. It is stabilized, depending on the needed characteristics, optionally with hydrocolloids, starch or gelatines. HAHN added savory components, like ketchup and pesto, a ham preparation or wild garlic, and as sweet variation pineable pieces.

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