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Fara functional blends

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Fara functional blends

Appeared on the market in 2006 for the first time, FARA® blends​ by Faravelli Group have become a recognised reference for the food industrial sector.

Conceived for different applications by our Application Laboratory, FARA® blends​ are stabilizing systems​ based on hydrocolloids​. They grant texture​, viscosity and taste​ to a large variety of food products, always meeting specific needs of food operators looking for the “secret” ingredient which will make their final product become a success.

FARA®​ blends main functionalities​ are: creaminess, crystallization reduction, filling agent, freeze and thaw stability, gelling, mouthfeel, prevention of syneresis, protein stabilization, water binding.

FARA®​ blends main applications​ are: cheese, yoghurt, ice-cream, dessert, jam, fruit based preparations, confectionary, dressing, drink, meat, sauces.
Each project is innovatively and cost-attentive managed, never neglecting quality, safety and hygiene.
Faravelli Group’s services include:

  • an Analysis Laboratory​ for raw materials and finished products
  • an R&D Laboratory
  • a plant ​for the production of small batches
  • a modern production plant conforming to Quality, Hygiene​ and Safety standards ​(ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, IFS, BRC and HACCP)
  • tailor made and standard packaging solutions

These services, together with the efficiency of our logistics and our experience in selecting raw materials, represent Faravelli Group’s steady commitment to customers’ satisfaction.

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