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Egg replacement or reduction as development focus

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Egg replacement or reduction as development focus

Tate & Lyle Food Systems provides solutions for egg replacement or reduction in several applications
Egg shortages and price increases are prompting manufacturers to develop egg-reduced or egg-free products. As Tate & Lyle Food Systems, we have developed solutions that stabilise these products, while delivering the desired qualities of taste, appearance and texture. The systems range from texturizing ingredient combinations for partial egg replacement, to texturizing and emulsifying solutions where egg is totally removed from a recipe.

We provide you with HAMULSION®​ Stabiliser Systems, enabling egg replacement in bakery products of up to 100% as manufacturers might require – and we have already developed a range of moist muffins with different levels of egg replacement and no alteration in product quality.

Mayonnaises and Salad Creams
We offer also a range of mayonnaises and salad creams from 30 to 65% fat, in which the egg yolk content has been replaced – and more options.

Highly functional egg powder systems could be seen as a possible alternative. We present stabiliser systems that combine a variety of egg yolk powders to deliver yolk-like properties. As Food Systems’ experts, we work closely with our customers to understand their needs, products, processing environment and distribution systems and more – to provide individually tailored solutions.   

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