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EPCevia™ New generation of stevia

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As the new generation of stevia sweetener, EPCevia ​is featured by higher sweetness level​, clean & clear taste​ and better compatibility​ with other ingredients in the formula. EPCevia reflects EPC natural products, Co., Ltd.’s highly reliable brand identity of clean labeling and natural ingredients.


Both the satisfactory taste perception and excellent performance in application allow EPCeviaTM​ maximize the convenience and values that a stevia-based sweetener could ever bring to food manufacturers. 100% sugar-reduction with EPCeviaTM ​can be achieved. It provides 20% additional sweetness compared with Reb A 97 even in Europe “242ppm” dosage restriction. Also, EPCeviaTM​ delivers brilliant taste feeling even at high concentration! EPCeviaTM​ provides not a one-size-fits-all product but the best customized match for maintaining or enhancing the original great taste. Along with its high compatibility with other ingredients, EPCeviaTM ​notably allows food manufacturers to adopt stevia-extracted sweetener without significantly altering their original formula.


EPCeviaTM​ offers multi-solution to meet specific requirements of various applications in the food and beverage industry.


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