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Distillation Units K-350 and K-355

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Distillation Units K-350 and K-355

Büchi Distillation Units K-350​ and K-355​ are efficient and versatile. Both units provide accurate and highly reproducible measuring results with a high recovery rate. They can be used for a wide range of applications in analytical laboratories in the food and beverages, feed, agricultural, environmental, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. These applications include the classical practices of nitrogen and protein determination, such as TKN (Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen)​ and Devarda​, in accordance with official methods (AOAC, EPA, ISO and DIN).

The K-350​ and K-355​ are based on proven technology, and feature a robust and compact design that takes up minimal space in your laboratory. A powerful steam generator ensures a fast and reliable process.

The keyboard and the clearly readable LCD are user-friendly accessories. Error codes (e.g. door open) are displayed on the LCD. The K-355 offers additional comfort by storing and recalling nine different, customer specific methods.

Safety in laboratories is a very important issue today. Therefore, it is one of the top priorities for Buchi to offer safe analytical instruments. Up-to-date monitoring technique ensures safe operation of the distillation units.

The K-350 is the easy-to-use Kjeldahl distillation unit for the classical nitrogen and protein determination in accordance with official methods.

Beyond classical applications, the K-355 can be used for an extended range of official distillation methods, including methods with regulated steam output or methods requiring the dosage of strong acids. A reliable and acid-resistant pump enables the automatic addition of strong acids. Examples of additional applications on the K-355 are alcohol distillation, phenol distillation, the determination of sulfur dioxide or the determination of volatile acids.

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