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Denomega™ - The best Omega-3 product choice for food and beverage

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Denomega™ - The best Omega-3 product choice for food and beverage

The umbrella brand name Denomega covers a handful of basic products designed to fortify food and beverages with Omega-3 without impacting taste or odor of original product. Our success is best summed up with knowing that over 50 commercial food and beverage products around the world are already today successfully using one of our top of the line Denomega™ products. To the best of our knowledge, that is a higher number than any of our Omega-3 competitors can boast. Out of our Denomega family of the top taste and odor free Omega-3 products, the most successful choice today is the taste and odor free Omega-3 product Denomega™ 100. There are many reasons why our Denomega™ products are the leading healthy Omega-3 ingredients in the market. Careful selection of source, source logistics, patented technology for cold extraction, 100 years of Omega-3 oil refining experience, broad spectrum Omega-3 products, top of the line employees and world wide service capability are a few reasons why we have the best Omega-3 offerings available. There are other reasons as well. Denomega Nutritional Oils works with the best technology companies and universities relevant to our business in the world to secure optimized solutions for any need. Whether you need to stabilize Omega-3 for use in fruit juice or in pizza, we have the right solution for you. There are typically many other requirements than just "making it work". Many customers want all their ingredients to be Kosher certified. Most of our Denomega™ products are not only Kosher certified, but certified by the most respected certifying agency for food and beverages in the world, namely The Orthodox Union ("Circle U"). Both the plant extraction raw material and the refinery plants are Kosher certified. Even some of our technology partners have Kosher certified solutions, by Orthodox Union, making it very comfortable to use. The products also meet Halal requirements. In addition, many of the companies we do business with are keyed into their customers wish for a natural Omega-3 product with no use of harsh chemicals or additives potentially reducing the health value of the ingredient and/or harming the environment. Our Denomega Omega-3 products meet the strictest guidelines and meet even the USDA's standard for use in organic foods in the US. Our Denomega Omega-3 family of products has Omega-3 content ranging from about 10% to 40%. Most of the Omega-3 in our Denomega portfolio is predominantly EPA and DHA, the two Omega-3 fatty acids carrying the key health benefits, i.e. to the cardiovascular system. Please contact us or visit our web site for more information and assistance.

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