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Dairy and ice cream emulsifiers and stabilizers

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Dairy and ice cream emulsifiers and stabilizers

Palsgaard A/S has for almost a hundred years been developing and producing emulsifiers and blends based on emulsifiers and or stabilizers for the dairy and ice cream industries around the world.

The Palsgaard emulsifier range cover the full range from standard mono-diglycerides with 40 to 60% monoester up to distilled types, fully hardened or with high iodine values all based on vegetable fats and oils. Palsgaard also offer special emulsifiers like esters of monoglycerides, STS, SSL, CSL, PGPR and ammonium phosphatide as well.

Palsgaard offers blends as simple dry-blended solutions or as fully integrated compounds. Most of our products are approved as kosher and halal.


For the ice cream industry Palsgaard is supplying fully functional systems primarily as integrated blends, offering the best effect of each individual ingredient. All our integrated blends may be added directly to the water or milk at any temperature during the process prior to pasteurisation and homogenisation. Some blends even feature the characteristic of being easy dispersible at low temperatures without agitation at all. which is an extra benefit in case of stirring in production has proven inadequate.

Due to our recent investment in the newest spray cooling technique, Palsgaard is capable of producing integrated blends with the highest content of unsaturated emulsifiers, allowing us to fine-tune the composition of our compounds to match the needs of each of our costumers. The combination of a modern production sustained by HACCP and an ISO 9001 certification and a network of application scientists operating in Denmark, Mexico and Singapore allows us to develop and manufacture individual customised solutions to any customer anywhere in the world. Palsgaard emulsifier-stabilizer solutions bring the texture, mouth-feel and melting profile that are required by the consumers.

Palsgaard is offering application expertise within a number of specified segments such as standard ice cream, extruded products, reduced calories, non-fat, milk ice, soft serve, artisan ice cream, sorbet, sherbet and frozen mousse.


To the dairy industries Palsgaard is manufacturing integrated systems or blends of emulsifiers and or stabilizers. For milk drinks our blends ensure stable emulsions with no risk of water separation, combined with a creamy or fresh mouth-feel. For desserts the Palsgaard systems bring creaminess, smoothness and in case of aeration a stable foam throughout the entire shelf life. Fermented products such as stirred and set types of yoghurts will obtain prolonged shelf lives with a minimum risk of syneresis, along with improved creaminess.

Our application know how is founded in the segments of fresh and recombined milk drinks, creams, desserts (mousse, custard, pudding), fermented products and fresh cheese.

General to our developments is that all new products coming from Palsgaard have been thoroughly tested and evaluated by our team of application specialists, and our know-how is originating from many years of experience of co-working closely with clients in all parts of the world.

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