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Cost optimisation in fine food volume products

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Cost optimisation for Red or White sauces – known as fine food volume products

The fine food segment is a very competitive market. Optimised production and cost reduction, in combination with a reliable quality standard, have therefore become key factors for success. Tate & Lyle Food Systems offers with its customised recipe management a comprehensive support of product formulation, which is illustrated by the following two examples:

Red Sauces, such as Ketchup
Our purpose-designed stabiliser systems help to effectively combine the three central parameters in this area: the tomato paste, the given production process and the desired final product. Cost saving in the ketchup segment is possible through the reduction of the tomato paste content. The functionality of the customised stabiliser systems compensates the reduction of this central parameter and leads to a similar final product quality. Reductions down to 20% tomato paste without loosing any quality are achievable.

Emulsified sauces, such as Mayonnaise
One of the most common ways to reduce cost in the mayonnaise segment is the reduction of the fat content in the product and/or the replacement of expensive raw materials in the recipe. Our stabiliser systems ensure similar product quality or characteristics by compensating the fat reduction and maintain a high emulsion quality. Being renowned as experts of food stabilisation, we offer our customers a range of ready-to-use recipes and food solutions which could help to speed up new product launches in a cost efficient way.

Red or White – it does not matter
To optimise your recipes and increase efficiency for cost and time savings, learn more about our wide range of ready-to-use food systems and solutions at

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