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Cost-Engineering concepts with new HAHN stabiliser systems

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Cost-Engineering concepts with new HAHN stabiliser systems
Cost-Engineering concepts with new HAHN stabiliser systems - Minced meat binding agent - HAHN product development for professionals


Minced meat products are traditional products, which enjoy great popularity and diversity.Tailor-made HAHN stabiliser systems offer advantages in various minced meat and fish products, such as burgers, rissoles, meatballs, fillings and toppings; whether fried, deep-fried, boiled, deep frozen or sterilised (in tins or packets). HAMULSION® MDOX is one of HAHN's top compound systems for minced meat. This binding agent is a special combination of selected hydrocolloids, proteins and starches with excellent synergistic effects. These effects - optimised water and fat binding - make for a higher yield because of the minimisation in cooking and frying loss. Further product advantages with this HAMULSION® are better formability, increased succulence and improvement of bite and texture. In addition, a reduction of meat/ fish content is possible through the use of a higher water and/or lesser-quality meat/fish without changing the product characteristics.

This makes possible the use of more cost-effective recipes. Beside traditional minced products, HAHN offers more top compound systems for cost-engineering concepts, e.g. liver paté with 50% water content or cost effective recipes for sausages.

Perfect texture for trendy Couscous dishes


Couscous as traditional Northern African food is enjoying growing popularity as the trend towards ethnic products remains strong. When cooking a couscous dish, it is vital to obtain that typical light and fluffy texture. For industrial production, exactly the same challenge arises. HAHN &Co. now offer a refined stabiliser system that permits a simple industrial process for delicious sterilised couscous products.

The Hahn stabiliser system serves as filling aid and permits trouble-free, highly efficient industrial processing with short preparation time: Couscous is processed RAW without any pre-treatment at all - all ingredients are processed and filled COLD before they undergo heat treatment and the filling takes place in ONE SINGLE STEP. Last but not least, the filling aid guarantees a perfect product texture for each production batch.

HAHN filling aids are also available for other products such as risotto and other rice or pasta dishes. They secure a high quality standard so that highest consumer expectations are met. Couscous being a very versatile food, it offers a host of tasty product ideas: plain as side dish for vegetable and meat meals, mixed with vegetable as oven bake, as cold salad with vegetable and more, in broths or as sweet dessert.

Cost-Engineering - a focussed and always actual issue for food production

In the last years the costs of food productions were constantly rising by an increase of raw material prices, an increase of energy and distribution costs. On the other hand rising living standards in Asia and other regions in the world have shown significant growth of the consumption of single food segments such as the dairy section. But a further rise in prices for additives/ingredients will as well continue due to the higher demand, which leads to the fact that more and more food manufacturers are ready to look at compromise they would have not considered before. Due to the excellent understanding of recipes and process technologies, HAHN can offer cost-engineered hydrocolloid and emulsifier stabiliser systems, which can remove significant cost from formulations.


Two examples: In a very challenging 0% fat stirred yogurt HAHN reduced the milk protein part so the raw material costs came down to around 10-15%, still maintaining a very good quality in the product.
Another example is a cream topping as a part of many desserts. Here HAHN reduced the butter fat from around 22% to between 11% and 14% fat. The replacement was achieved by a new developed stabiliser system and the cost reduction is substantial.

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