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Colours Sourced from Nature

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Colours Sourced from Nature

Overseal​ have focussed on innovative naturally derived ingredients that are suitable for the food, beverage, nutraceutical and supplement industries for over 30 years.

We have developed a global customer base encompassing four continents. Our success has been built upon technical innovation, customer focus and an ever increasing commitment to produce consistently high quality products. Through our extensive supplier approval programme, we are able to maintain the use of the highest quality raw materials that guarantee products with a market leading performance.

Our Product Advisory Team can provide you with advice and support when selecting and using naturally derived colours or ingredients, ensuring that you receive the correct product recommendation. We are also able to provide extensive detailed technical guidance, expertise in countless application areas, as well as regulatory advice for all markets.

Overseal​ have a fully audited manufacturing facility with management systems accredited to ISO 9001:2000, OHSAS 18001 and the British Retail Consortium Global Standard. By compliance to these standards we ensure that our products are manufactured to stringent Food Safety Standards with an emphasis on continual improvement.

Overseal​ offer an extensive range of colour extracts and ingredients derived from natural sources, in both single and blended forms.

  • Colours sourced from Nature

    - The full spectrum of colour including Carotenes (natural), Anthocyanin, Curcumin, Annatto, Carmine and Chlorophylls
    - Overseal also has available a range of organic colours
    - A number of our colour formulations are Kosher and/or Halal approved.

    Through a variety of technologies we are able to offer colour formulations that are...
    - In oil and water dispersible forms in various pigment strengths
    - As both liquid and powder colours
    - Available customised blends to meet specific shade requirements

    Overseal's naturally derived colours can be used in a variety of applications ranging from confectionery, ready meals, beverages, desserts, cereals, savoury snacks, cosmetics and many more.

  • Colouring Foodstuffs

    Based on a range of natural fruit and vegetable sources, Overseal have used their expertise in formulation technology to offer a range of colouring foodstuffs that provide ease of use and colour stability in many food and beverage applications.

    Colouring Foodstuffs are sourced from foods that provide colour. Examples include fruits, vegetables, berries, spices and edible plants. By definition Colouring Foodstuffs are declared as ingredients as the pigment has not been selectively extracted or isolated. Overseal's Colouring Foodstuffs undergo the same rigorous testing as our colours sourced from nature and conform to a carefully monitored specification.

    This range can be used in a variety of applications, including beverage, confectionery, Ice cream, and bakery and are available in the following colour shades - yellow, orange, red, green and brown. They are sourced from ingredients such as Red Fruits, Vegetables, Turmeric, Carrots and Beetroot.

  • Talin® Thaumatin

    A multi-functional ingredient which offers flavour enhancement, sweetness, bitterness masking benefits and improved mouth feel.

  • Inactive Dried Yeast

    A diverse range of inactive dried yeast powders ideal for a wide range of applications such as nutritional supplements (for direct compression), savoury snacks, seasonings and pet food.

At Overseal​ we focus on technical innovation, quality and customer support and our aim is always to meet, and exceed, our customer's expectations.

Overseal​ is part of the Natraceutical Group, which includes the Swiss company Obipektin AG, specialised in Natural Pectins and Fruit & Vegetable Powders and the Spanish company Natraceutical, specialised in Cocoa derivatives and functional ingredients.

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