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CocoanOX 12%- Natural Cocoa Polyphenols

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CocoanOX 12%- Natural Cocoa Polyphenols

CocoanOX 12% uses a patented process to preserve the cocoa's natural content of cocoa polyphenols, more specifically flavonoids. Cocoa flavonoids have been demonstrated to have numerous healthy properties associated with their antioxidant properties Most notably, they have been observed to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure, promoting beneficial cardiac health. CocoanOX is primary composed of highly bioavailable monomers and dimers, ensuring that the body is able to use these flavonoids. The following tables show CocoanOX 12%'s polyphenol levels in more detail.*


*Note: Natraceutical measures the final product's polyphenol level based on the results of a Folin-Ciocalteu analysis.

Cocoa has numerous uses in the food industry. It is most commonly used to make chocolate, but is used for flavouring in drinks, cookies, ice creams, and other products. It can be also used in the supplement / nutraceutical industry.

CocoanOX 12% is a cocoa powder. It is guaranteed to contain at least 12% cocoa polyphenols. A CocoanOX Extract with 45% of natural cocoa polyphenols also exists.

The bioavailability of this product has been clinically validated. In this study, the consumption of CocoanOX 12% has proven to increase the concentration of antioxidants in the blood. For more information about this clinical trial, please contact us.

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