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Cake emulsifier with great tolerance: Palsgaard®SA 6600

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Cake emulsifier with great tolerance: Palsgaard®SA 6600

Cake emulsifier with great tolerance: Palsgaard®SA 6600 - An award winning ingredient -

Cost reductions and optimizations are becoming increasingly important for industrial producers. Typically the target is to secure unchanged product quality using alternative formulations. Palsgaard is now offering such increased flexibility to industrial cake producers. In addition, we offer a range of other benefits such as nutritional benefits and easier handling.

Palsgaard SA 6600 is built on a new patent and the key to its functionality is it large surface active area. Figure 1 shows a micro-photo of a powder particle of Palsgaard SA 6600. It is composed of several agglomerated starch granules acting as an activating medium for the emulsifier. The emulsifier part is placed around each starch granule in a very thin layer and this emulsifier is gradually released, when Palsgaard SA 6600 is added to the cake batter.


Optimization of cake formulations implies looking at ingredient components such as egg, starch, flour, sugar, fats and oils, baking powder and emulsifiers. Palsgaard SA 6600 is especially suitable for creating cakes free of trans fatty acids (TFA), by substituting fats containing TFA with more healthy oils. Palsgaard SA 6600 can be used widely in bakery products as it does not contain any TFA.


Palsgaard SA 6600 can also work with reduced egg and starch levels. Eggs contain emulsifier components, and they can be partly substituted by the concentrated active emulsifier contained in Palsgaard SA 6600. Palsgaard SA 6600 also contains starch and therefore this component can also be reduced in the batter formulation. The exact level of reduction has to be tested in practise.

When considering final recipe adjustments, build in tolerance becomes a critical issue. When using lean recipes, you need a strong and stable emulsifier to cope with these changes. Palsgaard SA 6600 will keep the air tightly bound in the cake batter by forming stable emulsifier films around each air cell. The effect is improved tolerance to all the stresses inflicted upon the batter during the various processing steps. The result is a consistent cake quality.

Tolerance is critical when pumping batters through long feeding tubes. Pumping means mechanical and thermal stress and is known to decrease the air content of batters and this will normally give rise to variations in cake quality. Palsgaard SA 6600 makes the batter resistant to such stresses as it is instantly distributed and incorporated into the complex batter system.

The increasing use of automatic processing lines requires raw materials which can be easily handled. Palsgaard SA 6600 can be scaled and dosed automatically into cake batters due to its convenient powder form, assuring precise and correct formulations. An added advantage is reduction of risks related to accidentally adding of foreign matter due to human handling and error. This is of major importance when working in accordance with HACCP principles.

As the emulsifier content of Palsgaard SA 6600 is significantly higher than in whipping gels, and the water is more or less absent in Palsgaard SA 6600, it can be used at a significantly reduced dosage compared to alternatives. According to our practical experience, you can obtain a major reduction in the dosage, typically 25 to 30 %. In addition, you will obtain savings on starch, more water can be added and finally ingredient losses are avoided, as powders are used 100% contrary to paste form emulsifiers.

Palsgaard is able to help you make optimizations either here at Palgaard using our industrial scale pilot plants or alternatively at your site. We will work close with you in order to obtain your goals.

Finally, simplification is a valuable benefit. Palsgaard SA 6600 is just one emulsifier activated on one ingredient - flour. Nothing else. This makes formulation changes and nutrition labelling easier, quicker and safer.

Palsgaard SA 6600 is used increasingly in cake factories around the world and has established itself as the first product in the next generation of instant cake emulsifiers. A natural, efficient and safe choice!

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